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Thank you to our Whanau who are doing amazing things for their children! Thank you for connecting with your school and teachers. Thank you for your feedback and positive comments. Kia Kaha Suzanne


The Board of Trustees (BOT) are the staff’s employers and they govern our school. The role of the BOT is to ensure that the school is meeting its requirements – legally and ethically, ensuring the school creates a safe environment for our children and staff and the best possible education is provided. ​ The school’s Catholic mission is clear in the documentation and the BOT includes specific Catholic Character goals in all documentation. The charter, strategic plan, annual plan and progress towards these goals are monitored. A Special Character component is covered at each meeting. Meetings generally take place every fourth Thursday of the month in Room 2 at 6.00 pm and are advertised on our website, through the Community Calendar and in the weekly newsletter. ​​ Parents / Caregivers are welcome to attend these meetings.

The current Board of Trustees 

Chairperson Nikki Taylor          
Proprietors Representatives Mary Scobie Paul Buiest   Father Joseph George
Parent Representatives Christelle Penny   Jessica Hutson   Shannon Van Groenedaal  
Principal Suzanne Downey        
Staff Representative Pam Boroevich        


2021 Charter  (2021-2023)
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Audited Accounts 2020
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2020 Charter Final (2020 -2021)
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Audited Accounts 2019
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  Audited Accounts 2018
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Audited Accounts 2017
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The Board of Trustees are expected to carry out a Community Consultation. ​Click on the links below for information on the consultation and the findings.

Consultation 1 2014
What make our school cool 2017
Maori & Pasifika Consultation – 25 September 2017 Download File
Consultation 2  2017
What make our school better 2017

Consultation 2020 Summary of Findings 

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