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Bus Notification

St Joseph’s school bus service provider is Tranzit in Te Kuiti and can be contacted on 07 878 3381. If a parent/caregiver would like their student to travel via the school bus, they need to request a Bus Enrolment form from

the school, fill it out and the school will send it to Tranzit for confirmation of travel and exact  pick up and drop off points.

Arrangement for when the student will be going on the bus must be arranged with the school office by a parent/caregiver.

Information around what conduct is expected of your student on the bus is included in the attached document. For more information have a look at the Health, Safety and Wellfare Policy in School Docs.

The School Bus Controller
The school bus controller is responsible for:
  1. liaising with the parents and the local bus driver
  2. informing the board of trustees of changes to the bus route
  3. arranging bus lists of eligible students each school year
  4. dealing with, and informing the principal and parents, of any complaints regarding the service, or conduct of students.
Eligibility for School Bus Transport
Students are eligible for a transport assistance if they meet all three criteria below.
  1. The student must be enrolled at the nearest appropriate school (mainstream state school, state-integrated school, partnership school, or Māori medium school).
  2. They must live more than a certain distance from the nearest appropriate school. (The distance is measured over the shortest public road or pedestrian route from home roadside gate to the school’s front gate.)
  3. For years 1 to 8 at least 3.2 km
  4. For year 9 or above at least 4.8 km
  5. There must be no suitable public transport options. Suitable public transport means that it travels within 2.4 km of the home roadside gate and 2.4 km of the closest appropriate school, and that the student won’t have to be picked up before 7 am
  6. Can get to school before it starts
  7. Can be picked up within 1 hour after school finishes
  8. Doesn’t have to change buses more than once on a journey.

Bus Transport Code of Conduct
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