Our PSG members for 2018/2019 are; Kylie Leineweber (President), Pip Kirkland (Treasurer), Monique Needham, Jasmin Camitan, Shaina Downey, Belinda Cammock, Mel Davis and Nicola Van Groenedaal.

Our Parent Support Group (PSG) is invaluable in the fundraising and support of the school. We are fortunate to have a very active group of parents.

In recent years money raised as gone towards making improvements to our school playground, purchasing a new sound system, big screens and devices for classrooms as well as the running cost of Seesaw.

We welcome any parents/ caregivers who wish to come along to our meetings and/or join the group.

Check out our Facebook page to find out more.

Thank you to our wonderful parents, businesses and community for your continued support.
We couldn’t do it without you!